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Splatoon gets a new Ranked Battle mode this weekend, Rainmaker

Splatoon players will be able to partake in a new mode in the Ranked Battle playlist, Rainmaker, starting this weekend, publisher Nintendo announced today.

Rainmaker is an objective-based mode centered around the titular totem, which appears to be a golden fish head. Players have to bust it out of its shield, then grab it and carry it into their opponents' base. If the battle ends without anyone doing that, the team with the lowest goal distance — the squad that got the Rainmaker closest to the other team's goal — will win.

Because the Rainmaker is very heavy, it's not possible to super jump while holding it. If you get hit while carrying it, you'll drop it, and its shield will reappear. Carrying the Rainmaker doesn't make you helpless, though. It can fire ink like an Inkzooka, and it can be charged up for a more powerful shot.

Rainmaker will become the third Ranked Battle mode, along with Splat Zones and Tower Control, when it is released Aug. 14 at 7 p.m. PT. The mode will be available Saturday morning in Europe.

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