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A wolf in a suit double-flips a semi in GTA 5 and celebrates by giving you the finger

Video games are fun to play. And thanks in part to services like Twitch and YouTube, they're fun to watch, too.

Exhibit A: This 21-second clip from Grand Theft Auto 5, in which a wolf, dressed in a gray suit, drives a semi truck off a cliff, flips it around a couple times and lands like a champ. Then the wolf celebrates with GTA-inspired NSFW irreverence.

Press play above to enjoy a quick, silly burst of pure video game goofiness, thanks to YouTube user onekind1986. Because it's nice to have a little fun sometimes.

Update: As noted in the comments, the video we initially posted in this article, which we found floating around the internet today, wasn't the original. We've swapped it out with the original to give views where views are due. We've also updated the article to reflect the proper YouTube account.

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