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Fallout Shelter for Android launched, immediately hacked

Just hours ago we published a story letting you know that Fallout Shelter, Bethesda's Fallout-themed free-to-play smash hit, was finally available on Android. While you were reading, or perhaps in the fractions of a second while the page itself loaded, the game's leaderboards were hacked.

Reddit user MrWoddleWoodle provided a screenshot, which Polygon has confirmed on our own Android device, that Jake Pile is the leader in the game with a score of 2 billion. The next closest user is "Bytesize TestUser" with nearly 16,000 points.

Coming in third? That would be someone known as "Bethesda QA".

Seems like Poile went one better with his shenanigans, hacking the leaderboard itself to give him a happiness percentage of 1 billion, out of a maximum 100.

Fallout Shelter for iOS was launched live from the stage at Bethesda's E3 press conference more than two months ago, leading the Fallout community to immediately begin clamoring for an Android version. It landed today, along with a raft of updates across both platforms.

We've reached out to the developer to learn more.

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