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See someone finish Spelunky in less time than it takes us to make a sandwich

For most Spelunky players, the question is not "How fast can you beat Spelunky?" so much as "Uh, have you ever finished Spelunky, like, even once?" Not so for YouTube user D Tea, who just yesterday posted a new world record speedrun through the challenging game's extra-hard Hell zone. Take a few minutes to watch the three-minute-and-44-seconds run for yourself above.

This incredible run makes use of some well-established speedrunning tactics, such as using the teleporter item to skip past large chunks of levels and defeating the initial final boss quickly with the smart use of paste bombs. The video was brought to our attention on Twitter by game designer Zach Gage.

Meanwhile on the YouTube video's description, D Tea explains why the run went so well and what few things could have been improved upon:

Very, very good run. This was a seed where pretty much everything went right, apart from a few small factors like not having a compass. The fast start, shopkeeper de-aggro on 3-4, and a 42 second hell were all amazing (and lucky) things that made this run good.

The only realistic time saves here are in the temple with the somewhat slow 4-2 and 4-3 as well as Olmec with the hell door spawn being on the right side. Also shoutout to Krille71 for finding a consistent way to use paste bombs on Olmec since it wouldn't have been WR without it!

While D Tea's run is nothing short of incredible, it's far from the only astounding feat to be pulled off in Spelunky. In 2013, Twitch streamer Bananasaurus Rex was the first to complete Hell in under seven minutes. Bananasarus Rex also helped clue a wider audience in to Spelunky's greatest challenge: the elusive eggplant run.

And how long does it take to a speedrunner to beat Spelunky if you're just going to Olmec, the initial first boss, rather than to Hell? Last year Twitch user Pibonacci cleared the game in under two minutes.

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