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This PC gaming rig ad is gloriously bad

Gaming is mainstream. No arguments there. But what about hardcore gaming? What about gaming fueled by build-it-yourself PC rigs?

Apparently that's mainstream too, at least according to MSI Gaming's latest baffling ad for its Nightblade z97, a quick-to-assemble frag box.

There's so much to say about this ad, but for a moment let's look at the Nightblade, which I have to admit, seems like a pretty decent travel computer. Compact, quick to slap together, and featuring a sweet name. I can just imagine myself telling people about how I'm going to school them with my Nightblade or how sweet my Nightblade is or like, saying, "Come check out my preciousssssss Nightblade."

But that ad. It's just so wonderful, so mesmerizingly bad you can't help but watch it to the very end. And the questions, there are so very many questions.

Like, why did they dub her voice? What does the flight attendant sound like in real life? Gollum? I'm thinking Gollum. It has to be Gollum, right?

Why does the middle of the ad include an instructional video on how to build a plug-and-play computer?

But the most pressing question is about the packing. I'm sure most of you are thinking: This flight attendant is off to Germany to attend Gamescom for a week and she didn't pack any clothes or shoes. All that's in that bag is the rig and two makeup bags (I guess).

What I'm wondering, though, is how she plans to game on that sweet-ass rig without a mouse, keyboard or, you know, power cable.

Pretty sweet rig though, amirite?

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