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Here's what the 1989 Batmobile looks like in Batman: Arkham Knight

While work continues on improving the sad state of Batman: Arkham Knight on PC, with an interim patch expected this month, other teams are dedicated to if not equally important work, at least notably important work. And yes, we're talking about the 1989 Batman skin and Batmobile skin.

Developer Rocksteady Studios shared footage of the Batmobile, and one of its accompanying Tim Burton-themed Batman courses, on its YouTube channel today. Here's a GIF of that footage:

Oh, sorry. That's a GIF of the special Batmobile levels from the 1992 Sega CD release of Batman Returns. Levels which, I shouldn't even have to remind you, blew our collective minds in 1992. If time travel existed and you took this actual GIF from today's gameplay video back in time to 1992 and showed it to 13-year-old me, I would have died. Probably from a mysterious virus brought from the future but, barring that, from excitement. Or disbelief. Or a time paradox.

"We've designed the tracks around being a little film set in itself," Jody Sargent, Senior Environment Artist at Rocksteady, said on the video. "So we've basically taken the most iconic, best bits from all the films and put them all into this film set so you get to experience all these locations."

Those best bits include the Joker's street parade, the Penguin's lair and even those big ducks from the second movie.

The pack is part of the game's Season Pass and will be available later this month, though — as has been the case with all the DLC so far — there's no timeframe on when it will be delivered to Season Pass holders playing on PC. But let's not end on a down note.