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Destiny's most important website failed us when we needed it the most

Week after week, Destiny players could visit Is Xur Selling Gjallarhorn to see if Xur was, in fact, selling Gjallarhorn. It was part function, part joke about how it was unlikely the exotic weapon would become so easily available.

Today, it let us all down. This is what the site says as of this writing:


But, in fact, Xur is selling Gjallarhorn. It's kind of a big deal. No one was home at the site to flip the switch. The red lights never became green. The one never became a zero. It failed us completely.

Fans are going a bit nuts in the comments.

he's selling it

You can read about why this weapon is so exciting, but we can only assume there are one or two players who woke up this morning, checked the site, and went back to their business secure in the knowledge that Xur was not selling Gjallarhorn.

The site had one job. One simple job. And it let us all down. For shame.