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What's new in Disney Infinity 3.0's Toy Box?

Disney has released a trailer detailing new features in Disney Infinity 3.0's in-game creativity and social kit Toy Box.

Disney Infinity 3.0 will be released on Aug. 30 and allows players to interact with many of the company's characters through toys-to-life adventures. This year sees the release of various Star Wars sets.

Toy Box is a part of the game that traditionally offers options to create personal worlds and enjoy mini-games. In Disney Infinity 3.0, Toy Box is being expanded to include Toy Box Hub, a launch-and-play destination that offers tutorials and access to games based around genre themes such as platforming, racing and farming.

A new multiplayer lobby is also included as well as social sharing tools. Players will also be able to recruit AI sidekicks in certain games.

New Toy Box tools include a custom path creator, a musical note composition feature and new buildings, including Elsa's Ice Palace from Frozen. Extra vehicles include the Mad Hatter's Teacup, Splash Mountain log and Tron's Light Cycle.