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Watch every lightsaber battle from the Star Wars hexalogy

This video is exactly what it sounds like: Every single lightsaber duel or battle from the six core Star Wars films, in good quality and placed back to back in chronological order. Who needs story or dialog when you have laser swords?

It's fun to watch the evolution of these battles through the six films, and a few details stick out: The original trilogy features some pretty slow-paced battles, and there are some truly forgettable fights in here. Does anyone really remember much of the Dooku fight? Does it get weird watching them chronologically and watching these character seemingly grow old and slow?

I still think General Grievous was a fun character, even though that duel only kind of sort of involved lightsabers, but it's still included. Also, the Darth Maul battle remains one of the best fight scenes in any of the films.

Give it a watch, I'm curious to see what moments stuck out for you. There's also plenty to look forward to.

force awakens lightsaber gif