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Hacking our way into Eggman Origin, the scariest Sonic MMO to never exist

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Last week, you watched us create our own horrific Sonic, document a pornographic film shoot starring Sonic, and confess our romantic feelings to our roommate Sonic. But all of that was building up to this: the moment we finally crack the secrets of Eggman Origin, the final – and by far the most mysterious game included in the already cryptic Sonic Dreams Collection.

Above, watch as we piece together the final few clues before leaving behind our loved ones to dive headfirst into the sparse, hypermodern Eggman-themed MMO that was never to be.

On a personal note: thank you each and every one of you who has followed us on this incredible, beautiful journey. If you missed an episode of our Sonic Dreams Collection playthrough or just want to share it with friends or family, our official Sonic Dreams YouTube playlist is the most convenient way to catch up.

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