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One glorious GIF, 15 glorious Overwatch heroes

Overwatch continues to slowly unfurl before fans ravenous to get their hands on Blizzard's next big thing.

The upcoming squad-shooter was born out of the wreckage of Blizzard's massive attempt to recreate the successes of massive, culture-defining online game World of Warcraft.

As Titan died, a bit of it lived on, inspired by the surprising success of Hearthstone.

As Hearthstone continues to inject an estimated $20 million into Blizzard's coffers a month, it makes sense that the developer is taking its time with Overwatch.

The studio methodically rolls out new heroes and videos for each over the weeks and months, making sure not to over-saturate while also keeping the game's buzz alive.

The latest, a Brazilian DJ named Lúcio, was announced earlier this month.

And planned or not, that slow burn seems to only further excite fans.

Take, for instance, this wonderful animated GIF created by Redditor a_leethal_llama. It's simply a clean cut of all 15 announced Overwatch heroes posing for the camera.

In just two days it's pulled in nearly 3,000 comments and spurred a wonderful remix that includes some great music.

Overwatch is set for a fall closed beta. No date has been announced for the Mac and Windows PC game.

Correction: This story originally credited the wrong person for creation of the gif. We regret the error.

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