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Super Mario Maker's custom sound effects let you turn the game into a nightmare

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Super Mario Maker doesn't just let you tweak the visuals and mechanics of your custom levels — it also lets you augment how they sound. Using the SFX tool, you can attach sounds to any object you drop into the level, making Question Blocks honk when you empty them, or making Goombas laugh ghoulishly when you crush them. Of course, you can also make your own sound effects to drop into your level, which you can use to make your Super Mario Maker experience an absolutely unlistenable one.

In the video above, I demonstrate how these tools can be used for both good and evil, though I'm certainly trending toward the latter. Before you go searching for "Grunt Land," be forewarned: Your custom sound effects can't be shared, and are replaced with a generic parrot squawk when published. For that, you should consider yourself very, very lucky. Super Mario Maker launches for Wii U on Sept. 11.

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