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Harley Quinn actress reportedly gave Suicide Squad cast and crew 'SKWAD' tattoos

How do people bond on the set of huge, tentpole films? Well, if you're in the Suicide Squad, you apparently hang out and give each other tattoos in costume. A series of images posted to the Instagram accounts of a few of the cast and crew of Suicide Squad seems to show Margot Robbie, in costumer as Harley Quinn, tattooing her co-stars.

It's very possible this is just a social media PR stunt, but if to it's a pretty good one. I'm guessing someone is going to ask to see the healed tattoos during the press junket, so I guess we'll find out then.

This is reportedly the arm of Director David Ayers.

#harleystattooparlour #suicidesquad #davidayer #skwad

A photo posted by Joel Kinnaman (@joelkinnaman) on

This is Jai Courtney, who plays Boomerang.

#skwad #harleystattooparlour

A photo posted by Jai Courtney (@jaicourtney) on

It looks like Will Smith gave at least one tattoo out.

This is going to be a really uncomfortable reminder of Suicide Squad if the film bombs.