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Watch us play Duskers, a roguelike that's a little bit Aliens and a lot of Space Hulk

Hey Polynauts, Danielle here. We got an email from Charlie this morning, not sure what it's all about. We sent him a preview copy of a game called Duskers. It's been supported by the Indie Fund, and we heard it's about using drones... or something. It's all very garbled.


Here's the email. Check out the video above, or view directly on YouTube, and we'll see what this is all about. Charlie mentioned we might have the developer himself, Tim Keenan who also made A Virus Named Tom, in the YouTube chat to give him a hand.


Hey, it's Ch&*****####)

Can you ask Phil about the^^^&&%%%%%

Also, there's some scratching at the &&&&!!!!!;;;vents right now. I'm not sure if@@@@@^^%


Charlie HallFeatures Wr(((((((""`~`

We'll be streaming from 4:30 p.m. ET until around 6:00 p.m. After the broadcast, we'll archive it right here.

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