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Volume turns up another 20 levels thanks to community designers

Volume, the stealth game that launched Tuesday for PlayStation 4, Windows PC and Mac on Tuesday, just got "20 percent larger," according to its creator, thanks to 20 community created levels added to a staff-curated list.

"These maps will do a great job of introducing new players to the online community," creator Mike Bithell said in an update yesterday. The "Staff Picks" list will be updated on Fridays going forward, adding more user-created levels with an official stamp of approval.

The full list of new levels may be seen here. Bithell notes that many users have created Metal Gear Solid-themed levels, singling out one ("Docking in the Shadow of Moses" by gamesplusjames) as a particularly worthy specimen.

Additionally, Bithell says he is working on updates and balances to address some of the early criticism of Volume, specifically its difficulty. The game will get "a more difficult mode, focused on another protagonist," Bithell wrote earlier this week, as well as tougher options for checkpointing and a new leaderboard for pure stealth play. More details can be seen here.

Polygon scored Volume a 9, calling it "a lovely thing made up of spellbinding puzzles that demand the player's attention." For more, see our review, or check out the trailer below.

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