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Corpse of Discovery trailer is like The Martian, except capitalism is the bad guy

What if you rewrote The Martian so the hero wasn't stuck on the planet due to a sandstorm, but it was capitalism that kept them there?

The Corpse of Discovery launch trailer deals with that odd idea, but it makes a certain kind of sense. How do you get someone to do a dangerous job, the sort of job that most people wouldn't do? Tell them it's the last one.

Just do this one thing, and you can go home, and stay home. Sure it's risky, but give up a chunk of time and deliver the goods and the rest of you life is smooth sailing. Your family will thank you.

Once that's done, there may be one more thing...

We spoke with the game's creator about how the game development made him feel isolated from his family, and how that changed the course of the game's story and characters. Corpse of Discovery launches on Steam tomorrow.

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