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Skyrim's finest Imperial gold, now on Etsy

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I've been shopping for a nice, heavy mug for a few years now. Just this past Gen Con, I found what I was looking for; a 36 oz. cast-iron stein from Crimson Chain Leatherworks stamped with the Imperial Dragon on red leather. This, of course, sent me off to find my Imperial Septim from the collector's edition of Oblivion, but... it was gone. Thankfully, I think I may have found the best substitute possible.

The Ragged Flagon is an Etsy shop that's only been around since April of this year. They only make one thing — 24k gold-plated Septims — and they do it really well.

Each Septim weighs .8 ounces, and the finish is mirror-like. There's a few imperfections, especially on the obverse of some of the coins where the brassy core shows through, but it's really impressive. I opted for the 5-pack, but they sell them singly or in cases of 50.

That's two-and-a-half pounds of Imperial gold, delivered to your door in a wooden chest. Not bad for $200.

My 5-pack came in a nice felt bag, and each one was individually sleeved in thick plastic. At $30, it was about the same price as an authentic, collector's edition Septim on eBay. And man, if they don't make a nice "ping" sound each time you flip them. My only issue is that they don't stack well, but as I recall that's also a defect/feature of the originals.

In quantity, these would be great for tabletop gaming. For me, I'll just be adding them to my Renaissance faire garb. Never know when you'll have to grease a palm in-character.

There are tons of games related crafters on Etsy and eBay. If you've had success with one, or just want to show off your most recent fandom purchase, please share in the comments below.

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