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How to ruin the first Thor film for first-time viewers

If you haven't noticed the Dutch angles in Thor, and I'm not sure that's possible, I'm about to ruin the film for you. If you're watching the movie with someone for the first time, just say, "Pay attention to how often the screen is tilted."

A Dutch angle is "a camera shot in which the camera has been rotated relative to the horizon or vertical lines in the shot. The primary use of such angles is to cause a sense of unease or disorientation for the viewer," Wikipedia tells us. The first Thor movie is filled to the brim with Dutch angles.

"Thor director Kenneth Branagh felt that the dutch angle would be be appropriate for nearly every single scene in the film," a post on Untitled Film Blog stated. "A new scene may not start off with a Dutch angle, but sooner or later, BAM! we have an awkward tilted shot of Natalie Portman and Kat Dennings and Stellan Skarsgard staring at a New Mexico sunset."

It was used so often, and was so distracting, that the lack of Dutch angles in the sequel became news.

"Clearly someone heard our cries, so for Thor: The Dark World [Dutch angles] were almost gone, and the ones that did exist were clearly subtle enough that they weren’t distracting," SceneCreek wrote.

The video above shows just about every Dutch angle in Thor. What the living hell were they thinking?

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