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Walmart's $299 Super Mario Maker Wii U bundle, including 8-bit amiibo, available for preorder

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Walmart has introduced a new Wii U bundle designed for players interested in making their own Mario Bros. level, and the pre-orders start today. Here's the kicker: It comes with the 8-Bit Mario amiibo.

Just in case your collector's sense isn't tingling yet, the included amiibo is "a special, 30th anniversary Mario Amiibo Modern Color that you can only find at Walmart and Sam’s Club."

The bundle retails for $299.99, and you'll get the system, a download code for Super Mario Maker, as well as the 8-bit amiibo.

That's a pretty killer deal, especially since the 8-bit amiibo will likely be hard to track down. If you've been holding off on getting a Wii U, this may be a good excuse to jump in. The bundle is exclusive to Walmart, and we wouldn't be surprised if it sold out quickly.