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Hearthstone's Grand Tournament expansion has a lot of weird bugs

The latest expansion for Hearthstone, The Grand Tournament, went live early this week. While many players have been enjoying the 130-plus new cards added to the game — we streamed over two hours of it on Monday — they've also been running into some bizarre bugs and seemingly unintended card interactions.

In the video above, YouTube user Disguised Toast has collected a bunch of examples of cards working in ways that we assumed Blizzard did not intend. It's absolutely possible that some of these are what Blizzard wanted, but most of them seem really strange.

For example, using warlock's classic Sense Demons spell card — which puts two random demon minions from your deck into your hand — can somehow pull Demonfuse, a new spell card that buffs demons. Or there's the fact that the mage's Counterspell secret is used to trigger a discard-based ability on one new card ... but doesn't give the same effect on another.

Or there's this strange interaction with the Coldarra Drake card, which is supposed to allow you to use your hero power any number of times in a single turn:

Again, it's possible that some of these are working as intended. But more likely we'll be seeing some Hearthstone patches clearing up some of these issues in the near future. Watch the video above to see a bunch of the bugs in action or check out the video below to see us opening over 100 packs for The Grand Tournament.

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