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This War of Mine headed to PS4, will put children in harm's way

This War of Mine, the critically acclaimed urban warfare survival game from Poland's 11 bit studios, is coming to PlayStation 4. Called This War of Mine: The Little Ones, it will fulfill the promise made early on in the game's development to include children, placing them alongside adults in life and death depictions of modern conflict from the civilian perspective.

Last year Polygon visited 11 bit while they were making the game. Art director on the title, Przemyslaw Marszal, talked about how the decision to include children in the game had effected him deeply.

But it's not just adults that are trapped in war zones. Children suffer as well. This War of Mine intends to pull no punches when it comes to showing that aspect of war in the game.

For Marszał, that was something that hit just a little too close to home.

"I thought about bringing in my two sons to be scanned for the game," he said. He's been working on it for over a year now. "I don't want them in it. One is 7 and the second is 2 years old. And I don't want them to be photographed and put in this game, because I know that in our game characters can die. And I do not want my sons to be there." His voice becomes tight.

"Because I really think it could happen."

In a post today on Sony's PlayStation blog, 11 bit's Pawel Miechowski said that he and his team were proud to bring such a mature experience to console gamers.

"As a group of civilians you’ll be facing extremely difficult choices that have to be made just to survive the war," Miechowski wrote. "What do you do when you have to sacrifice someone? What do you do when you’re starving but other survivors may have food? You’ll need to get it as well as medication, bandages, and the like. When you run out of necessities, you’ll need to send one man on a mission to scavenge for any supplies. But kids are not as tough as adults — and you will be the ones taking care of them.


"The main philosophy behind this project is to portray emotions of people surviving a siege of a city. That also requires picturing emotions of kids — that means not only sadness, but laughter, excitement, and a bit of craziness despite the surroundings. Their active imaginations are also being portrayed, for example you’ll see children even drawing on the walls of the shelter. We feel that the spectrum of the emotions your civilians will make you experience has now broadened greatly."

The PS4 version will also feature a new, exclusive shelter called Large Mansion. It's scheduled to release on January 29, 2016 from publisher Deep Silver.

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