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Jar Jar Binks is Disney Infinity 3.0's master troll

The Star Wars game Disney Infinity 3.0 ships with is all set during episodes one through three of the movies. That means, unless you're clever, you're stuck playing through one hefty Jar Jar Binks mission.

For fans of a certain, awesome, generation, Jar Jar Binks represents everything wrong with the newer trilogy of Star Wars movies. He's an annoying, repugnant, CGI-created bit of distraction that does nothing for the films. (Yes, some of the misguided younger generation seems to love Jar Jar.)

In the game, he's all that and more. He's also a troll who manages, while trying to help you, to get you in all sorts of life-or-death situations.

I've put together this cut of the mission to give you a sense of how terrible an in-game guide he is and remind you why you hated him so much in the movies. Make sure you read our full review of Disney Infinity 3.0 right here. It's a great game, despite Jar Jar.

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