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Master of Orion Collector's Edition will come with adorable throwback ships

The team behind World of Tanks is rebooting the Master of Orion series, and today they announced what will be inside their collector's edition of the game.

Wargaming picked up the Master of Orion franchise on the cheap in 2013 during an Atari bankruptcy auction. The new title will feature classic 4x gameplay, as well as colony management, diplomacy and ship-to-ship combat.

Master of Orion Collector's Edition will include a bunch of goodies for fans of the series. They're throwing in the original game, as well as MOO 2 and MOO 3. You'll also receive a digital art book and a digital version of "the entire modernized orchestral soundtrack" a press release says. That music will be courtesy of Dave Govett, composer on the original game.

The Collector's Edition will also include a special pixelated skin for your spaceships, "reflecting the style of the original 1990s version."


Finally, it will also have a unique faction called the Terran Khanate, a race of aggressive and threatening humans that models "a future humanity ... with a warlike bent, giving players a new way to conquer the stars."


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