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King's Quest Episode Two will be 'Rubble Without a Cause'

Teaser shows Stone Goblins up to no good.

The second episode of King's Quest will be released before the end of this year and will be called "Rubble Without a Cause."

Developer The Odd Gentlemen delivered the news at a PAX Prime panel earlier today. Creative Director Matt Korba said the new episode will show central character Graham struggling with the responsibilities of kingship, with the added challenge of a horde of rock goblins, bent on kidnapping the citizens of Daventry.

King's Quest is a five-part re-imagining of Sierra's classic adventure series of the same name. The first episode, "A Knight to Remember," was released last month. The game merges point-and-click mechanics with action sequences and Telltale-style dialog choices.

Korba added that while the first episode was inspired by the original King's Quest and its sequel, the next will be more like King's Quest 3. "Those games were always changing and evolving," he said. "We want to play with that."

Actor Zelda Williams was also on the panel talking about her role as Amaya, a tough-talking blacksmith. She said that quitting smoking between episodes meant she had to work on getting her voice back to its gravelly state. "Amaya spends a lot of time yelling at people," she said. "It's fun to play a character who is unironic but also very funny."