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Watch the trailer for Dragon Age: Inquisition's final story, Trespasser

At PAX Prime today, BioWare confirmed a new story-based DLC for Dragon Age: Inquisition, called Trespasser.

Set two years after the events of the core game, the story will represent the end of Inquisition. The Quanari race will play a major role. BioWare has previously released various DLC updates including new armor packs, multiplayer modes and dungeons.

According to creative director Mike Laidlaw, the story DLC will focus on "the tensions of a world that no longer needs a savior" and will "offer hints at what might come next" in the franchise. He added that Trespasser will allow players to "define your legacy." Players will need a character who has completed the main story.

Other forthcoming additions to Inquisition include a new wardrobe offering a variety of outfits, and an ability to upload character troves to the cloud and share them among lower level characters.

Trespasser will be released on Sept. 8.

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