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Vega returns for Street Fighter 5

Michael McWhertor is a journalist with more than 17 years of experience covering video games, technology, movies, TV, and entertainment.

The newest addition Street Fighter 5's roster is Spanish ninja Vega (also known as Claw), Capcom confirmed in a press release alongside a new gameplay video today.

Vega is the ninth character confirmed for Street Fighter 5's roster, which Capcom says will feature 16 playable fighters when the game launches for PlayStation 4 and Windows PC next year. In the gameplay video above, you can watch Vega beat up on recently confirmed character Necalli, Street Fighter 5's first original fighter.

Here's how Capcom describes Vega as he appears in Street Fighter 5:

Vega brings with him a brand new set of tricks, as well as a new appearance. Still possessing his trademark speed and quickness, he now has access to two distinct fighting modes: claw or no-claw. With the no-claw style giving him access to command grabs as well as new attack properties, players will need to toggle between both styles to pull off that winning KO at the end of the fight. Vega's powerful V-Trigger is the Bloody Kiss, which sees him throw a rose at high velocity towards his opponent, before he charges at full speed right behind it, delivering a series of brutal attacks. This Spanish matador is definitely a fighter to keep your eye on, if you can.

Both Vega and Necalli will be playable in a new build of Street Fighter 5 at Gamescom this week.

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