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The winner for best Disney Infinity deal is...

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Disney Infinity 3.0 has launched alongside a lengthy list of Star Wars, Marvel and classic Disney characters. Collecting the figures can get expensive quickly with each figure costing $13.99 a piece at retailers who aren't increasing the prices to take advantage of the initial rush.

Looking at you, Toys R Us.

You can find plenty of sales during launch week, but you have to spend the time and look at how much you're paying on a per-figure basis. Toys R Us may be offering a "buy one, get one 50% off" sale, but with the inflated price you're still paying $11.24 per figure.

The best place to go for Disney Infinity figures this week is Target by a landslide. You can pick any two figures for $20, which means your per-figure cost is only $10. That sale is good for every single toy they have in stock — the website says it's for "select" figures, but the weekly ad states that it's for the entire stock. Be sure to bring the ad in case someone at the retailer gives you any guff.

target ad

But that's not all!

If you're a member of Best Buy's Gamer's Club you can get an even lower price if you're willing to buy a good number of toys. Infinity Inquirer looks at Best Buy's buy 3, get one deal:

Best Buy only has this single deal, but still is a pretty good deal. You can mix and match any Disney Infinity 3.0 items (Starter Packs, Play sets, or figures, power disc packs). It is important to note that you can only get one starter pack and one play set. Don’t forget, that the Best Buy Gamers Club program ($30 for a 2 year membership) gives you a 20% on ALL Disney Infinity Items, and it stacks with the sale prices! FIGURE PRICES: So if you were going to buy 4 figures, they’d be $10.49 a piece, or $8.39 for GCU members.

That $8.39 price per figure is going to be nearly impossible to beat. Infinity Inquirer has some more great strategies for saving money on the toys as well.

So for the best deal, go to Best Buy and make sure you're part of the Gamer's Club. For simplicity's sake, head to Target. $10 per toy, in bundles of two? I'm taking a trip with the kids as soon as I get off work.