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Lego Dimensions gets open-world adventures and a Ghostbusters level pack

The upcoming multi-franchise toys-to-life game Lego Dimensions will include open-world levels called Adventure Worlds, publisher Warner Bros. announced today. Adventure Worlds will be unlocked for play separately from Lego Dimension's main story mode, which will itself run through levels based in a variety of franchises including The Simpsons and Dr. Who.

The first three Adventure Worlds include one based on DC Comics (which will be unlocked by Lego Batman), one based on The Lord of The Rings (unlocked by Lego Gandalf) and one based on The Lego Movie (unlocked by Wyldstyle). Further Adventure Worlds will be unlocked by any character from the franchise associated with them.

There will be 14 Adventure Worlds in total, and any Lego Dimensions character will be able to enter any Adventure World that's been unlocked, even if they don't belong to that franchise. Want to run around as Lego Homer Simpsons in Middle-Earth? You've got it.

You can watch a trailer showing off the Adventure Worlds feature above. It also includes a glimpse of X-PO, Lego Dimensions' robotic guide character, who is voiced by Joel McHale.

Warner Bros. also revealed its first look at the Ghostbusters level pack for Lego dimensions. The level pack will include a Lego Peter Venkman minifigure, while Ghostbusters fun packs will add in Lego Stay Puft Marshmallow Man and Lego Slimer minifigures. Check out the screenshots and pictures of the figures below.

Lego Dimensions will launch on September 27 for Xbox One, PlayStation 4, Wii U, Xbox 360 and PlayStation 3.

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