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The 2015 International Dota 2 Championships day two results: more amazing series, more stream interruptions

Day two of Valve's 2015 International Dota 2 championships, otherwise known as TI5, was beset almost immediately by technical problems after it got underway with the first series of the day, featuring rookie international squad Complexity Gaming and veteran eSports organization Evil Geniuses.

Minutes into EG and Complexity's match, network problems forced an extended pause, requiring the on-air personalities to occupy more than an hour of air time as Valve worked to fix the problem. That problem, according to an update from the analyst desk, was a distributed denial of service attack (or DDoS). This marks the second day in a row where TI5 has suffered from technical problems forcing a delay of the $18 million tournament.

Once Complexity and Evil Geniuses returned to the sound-isolated play booths on the floor of Seattle's Key Arena, however, the games proved worth the wait. While Complexity scored an early lead on Evil Geniuses in game one, the pause time may have given the more experienced squad time to adapt as they took several key team fights and ultimately prevailed. Game two proved to be more decisive, as Evil Geniuses controlled the majority of the match. EG's Sumail, a 16-year-old prodigy from Pakistan, turned in a virtuoso performance with the hero Ember Spirit, which led to one of the more entertaining games of the day (and which you can watch below — game two starts at the 56 minute mark).

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The second series of day two was expected to be a rout, as Team Secret, widely considered to be a lock for the tournament's grand final after winning nearly every major LAN competition in 2015, faced off against Chinese team eHome. eHome had a largely disappointing 2015 after major personnel departures, but earlier this year found a new captain in the form of Bai "rOtK" Fan, former captain of ViCi Gaming, second-place finishers in last year's International. This may have proven to be the magic ingredient for eHome as they convincingly upset Secret, knocking the tournament favorites to the lower bracket in straight sets.

The upsets continued in the first matches of TI5's main event lower bracket, as Korean team MVP.Phoenix overcame early aggression from Russian Team Empire. Matching aggression with aggression, Phoenix took advantage of sloppy play from Empire's carry players to take two straight wins against the Russian team, knocking them out of the tournament and advancing them farther in International play than any previous Korean squad. (Correction: This article originally stated that MVP were scheduled to play Team Secret in Wednesday's second series. Secret actually played IG.)

Tuesday's games closed with a final set in the lower bracket between popular but inconsistent North American team Cloud9 and last year's runners-up ViCi Gaming. Cloud9 established a seemingly insurmountable lead against their Chinese opponents in game one. However, a game-changing performance from VG support player Fy on the spell-stealing hero Rubick allowed a steady, dramatic turnaround. After winning game one, VG ultimately steamrolled a defeated-looking Cloud9 in game two, ending C9's TI5 aspirations and getting VG one step closer to their attempts at International redemption.

There are numerous ways to watch TI5 online, which you can learn more about here. Learn more about how to watch professional Dota 2 coverage in our video explainer below.