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Conquering Europe in Grand Ages Medieval

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Grand Ages: Medieval, from Gaming Minds Studios, the makers of Port Royale, is an ambitious strategy game that puts the player in charge of a burgeoning empire, based on trade, military force, or a combination of the two. You start out with one tiny town, build up relations with other settlements through trade (or whupping), or go out and settle your own. Check out our explainer video for a look at the general flow of the game.

The game spans all of Europe and the immediate surrounding area — I was quoted 20 million square kilometers of playable empire, with 66 cities to potentially befriend or crush beneath the weight of your forces. Grand Ages: Medieval will launch on Windows PC on Sept. 25th and on PS4 Sept. 29th.

Correction: the video and a previous version of this article incorrectly stated that there are 66 cities in the game. There are over 100.

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