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Bad guy, good buy, bad guy, bad guy, bad guy, bad guy
Bad guy, good buy, bad guy, bad guy, bad guy, bad guy

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The Dark Side is (a little too) strong with these Star Wars saga limited edition Blu-rays

If buying and rebuying versions of Star Wars is your thing, and the existence of the first three films isn't something that upsets you ... oh, and you don't mind spending more money on the "remastered" versions of the original trilogy, then pay attention!

Disney is releasing the first six movies in the Star Wars saga in a limited edition Blu-ray set with fancy new steelbook cases. The catch, being "limited edition" and all, you're going to need to get in early. That means pre-ordering (pre-orders begin tomorrow) for a November 10 release. Each disc features "existing audio commentary with George Lucas and the film crew as well as audio commentary from archival interviews with the cast and crew." In addition to the six films, the set includes "three additional discs containing more than 40 hours of previously-released extensive special features."

Star Wars saga limited edition Blu-ray steelbooks
Your favorite Star Wars character!

Now, can we talk about the weirdest thing about this set? Okay. When thinking about characters you'd want to immortalize on the cover of a limited edition Blu-ray set, at what point did General Grievous make your long list ... then your short list ... and then onto the actual list that many people looked at and approved. No Luke Skywalker or Han Solo? Or if we're going to stick with Revenge of the Sith, how about Obi-Wan Kenobi? Or C-3PO? R2-D2? Chewbacca? Just about anyone would be preferable. And with the covers heavily weighted towards the Empire — only Yoda is here to rep the good guys — Grevious' inclusion is all the more confusing. But hey, it's your money. (And speaking of your money, they haven't announced a price for the limited edition set).

Of course, if you'd rather see the original trilogy in the best format possible, there's no entirely legal way to do it ... but if you own the movies in another format and you're okay with some creative interpretation of copyright law, there are better options for you.


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