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This Alejandro Jodorowsky comic trailer is bizarre, Kanye-endorsed

Filmmaker and writer Alejandro Jodorowsky has a new comic coming this November, and the trailer for it is — well, it's pretty much what you'd expect from the guy who brought you The Holy Mountain (and a Dune movie, kinda).

The comic, Showman Killer: Heartless Hero, stars "a heartless assassin, genetically engineered by an insane scientist to be devoid of any emotion, and trained to kill." It's being published by Titan Comics.

"The only things that give him anything approaching pleasure are destruction or money," the description reads. "That is, until a fateful mission throws him into the path of the mysterious and fascinating Ibis."

You can watch the trailer above. Notably, it includes a Jodorowsky endorsement from none other than rapper Kanye West — the two have something of a mutual bromance.

Showman Killer: Heartless Hero will be available Nov. 16 both digitally and in stores.