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How World of Warcraft: Legion's Artifact weapons will level up alongside you

World of Warcraft: Legion, the recently announced sixth expansion to Blizzard's long-running MMORPG, will add a new type of weapon for players to collect, upgrade and customize, called Artifacts. During the expansion's reveal event, Blizzard revealed how the Artifact system will work, and just how important they'll be for power-hungry players.

Each specialization for each class will have their own unique Artifact — for a total of 36 Artifacts — which World of Warcraft: Legion will allow them to collect early on in the expansion's campaign. Artifacts are unique in that each one has its own upgrade tree, designed to strengthen the weapon and boost the abilities of its wielder based on their specific specialization. Those upgrades will use Artifact Power, a new currency that players will earn for completing certain challenges in Legion.

If you're worried that Artifacts will make every character with the same specialization look exactly the same, don't be: Artifacts can also be customized on the aesthetic level as well. Each Artifact will have several skins that players will unlock for completing certain challenges, and each skin can be tweaked with color variants, as well. The Ashbringer, for example, can use a skin that makes it look like it's made out of fire, or corrupted with dark energy.

The transforming-focused Feral Druid specialization will see their animalistic character models change accordingly when using Artifacts, as seen below.

feral druid

You can learn more about the Artifact system in the video above. For more about World of Warcraft: Legion, read our write-up of the expansion's announcement.