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Here's what we know about World of Warcraft: Legion's Demon Hunter class

World of Warcraft: Legion will add a new Hero Class to the game — the franchise-favorite Demon Hunter. During the expansion's Gamescom reveal event, Blizzard detailed how the class will function, what specializations players will be able to pursue and how they'll be able to customize their horned, demonic characters. You can watch the full presentation about the Demon Hunter class in the video above.

Demon Hunters will have a few extra modifiers in character creation, allowing players to change their horns, skin type and blindfolds, among other standard options. Players will be able to develop their characters down one of two specialization paths: Havoc, a DPS-oriented spec based around quick, damage AoE attacks, and Vengeance, a Tanking build that's more focused on transforming into hulking demonic forms.

Demon Hunters will use Demonic Fury, a special resource which powers their special abilities. Those abilities include maneuvers like Eye Beam, which fires a beam damaging enemies in a line in front of them. Demonic Fury can be generated by using basic maneuvers like Fel Rush, which lets the Demon Hunter dash forward, damaging any enemies in front of them. Also, Demon Hunters will be able to double jump, a first for the game.

double jump

For more on Demon Hunters, check out our full write-up of World of Warcraft: Legion's announcement event.

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