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Introducing a new Hearthstone card designed with the #StonerZNation in mind

Hello, and welcome! If you've never heard of #Stonerz, Polygon's light-hearted look at Hearthstone, allow me to get you up to date. Griffin McElroy and I have been recording our mediocre-to-barely-above-average exploits in Hearthstone since the game launched last year. Recently, with the addition of the Tavern Brawl game mode, we've shifted to a weekly format for the show. You can catch up for yourself on our YouTube channel playlist.

While we may be a couple of jokers who aren't really experts at Hearthstone, some people at Blizzard apparently like us! They like us enough to not only allow us to reveal a new card from the upcoming The Grand Tournament expansion, but it's a card that seems 100 percent targeted at the #StonerZNation.

Check out the new priest spell card Confuse:

Hearthstone card reveal confuse

This beauty is absolutely going to see some play in decks on our show. Watch the video above to see us discussing the card, and stay tuned for our full episode where we try out this week's Tavern Brawl later today.