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Let this Ant-Man parody ease you into your morning existential crisis

Ant-Man done Marvel-style is full of explosions, excitement and Paul Rudd fancied up in a tight super hero suit. Ant-Man done Werner Herzog-style is enough to trigger every existential anxiety we've ever had about everything ever.

In this video above parodying Herzog, the German filmmaker behind movies such as The Wild Blue Yonder and Lessons of Darkness, Scott Lang is a more thoughtful fellow. He wanders, tiny, through the wild and wonders about the life around him. He has the ability to lift objects 100-times his body weight, "but what does this achieve but to increase his burden?"

In the scheme of life, "we are small," narrator Scott Thomas concludes.

More videos, including a "What if Wes Anderson Directed X-Men?" parody, are available through Patrick (H) Willems' YouTube channel. You can read our review of the real Ant-Man, if you want or whatever. In a sea of reviews, we are so small.

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