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John Wick is coming to virtual reality

John Wick was a pleasant surprise for action fans; a smart, fast-paced look at what happens when you mess with the wrong guy. A sequel to the film is already in development, and today it was announced that a virtual reality game based on the film is in development.

"Best in class virtual reality studio and distributor WEVR, the company responsible for theBlu: Encounter, which was used to introduce the HTC Vive VR platform earlier this year, will transport players with the creation of a fully immersive VR experience that will introduce the game," the press release stated.

"Grab, the acclaimed development team with extensive mobile games and VR experience, will spearhead the development. Starbreeze will be publishing the product across multiple VR platforms."

The game will be a standalone first-person shooter set in the world of John Wick, with the action "centered around the infamous Continental Hotel."

A demo will be available for the launch of the HTC Vive and available on Steam VR. The full game, which will be available on "most" commercial VR headsets, is expected to launch in Spring 2016.