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Monster Factory

Monster Factory: Fighting dino-crime with Angela Lansbury in Ark: Survival Evolved

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Is there a part of you that, when you watch Jurassic Park, you have a hard time being swept up in the wonder and majesty of it all because you're so distracted by all the dino-crime? Like, hey, T-Rex — you can't just go around killing and eating other dinosaurs. Because that's murder! Just because you're in prehistory doesn't mean you can go around murdering all the time.

Someone has to take a stand, and dig up the clues needed to put these dino-criminals where they belong: Behind bars. We can only think of one woman for the job, and that is Angela Lansbury, who we tossed headfirst through the Monster Factory Time Hole™ while playing Ark: Survival Evolved. Watch as she wrestles with a giant turtle, thwarts an Immortan Joe-esque water hoarder and solves the greatest mystery of all: the mystery of human kindness.