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Deadmau5 is in Seattle. Is he at The International?

We're not promising anything, but Deadmau5 has been tweeting from the Seattle area over the past day, even making a cryptic reference to a new Dota 2 character, so ... maybe he's going to play a show at The International, which wraps up today.

First, here's a picture of a DJ stage at KeyArena, where the semifinal and Grand Final are taking place today.

deadmau5 stage international

Now the tweets in question. He notes a Seattle landmark yesterday afternoon (it's spelled Rainier, btw):

Suggests he might visit the tournament:

Then drops this name. Pit Lord is a hero who will appear in Dota 2 by this time next year, IGN reports.

It's worth mentioning Deadmau5 also made a music pack for Dota 2 that was released a couple of weeks ago, so he has some kind of relationship with the game/Valve.

Is he really going to perform? We cannot say for sure. (No, really, we don't know.) But depending on how long the loser's bracket final takes, the Grand Final could get going in an hour, and maybe he'd play before then. Or after. The livestream is embedded below, and the Dota 2 Twitter account updates as matches finish out.

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