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Capcom bundles Resident Evil 0 remaster with HD Resident Evil

The upcoming Resident Evil 0 remaster will be packaged with this year's remaster of the original Resident Evil in a physical collection shipping in January, Capcom announced.

The Resident Evil Origins Collection will launch in early 2016 for PlayStation 3, PlayStation 4, Windows PC, Xbox 360 and Xbox One. It will sell for $39.99. Resident Evil 0 will launch at the same time but be sold digitally for $19.99 on the same platforms.

Capcom followed that announcement with news of the "all new Wesker Mode" in Resident Evil 0. The feature allows players to "experience the events leading up to the iconic mansion outbreak" by playing as Albert Wesker, the series' longtime uber-villain. You can see more of it below.

Resident Evil's HD remaster was the PlayStation Store's top selling game in its launch month back in January, and ultimately sold more than one million copies. Last month, Capcom announced that it was going forward with a high-definition remaster of Resident Evil 2.

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