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Nvidia throws serious shade at Apple TV's lackluster gaming support

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Apple TV was expected to make gaming a central part of Apple's ecosystem, but that didn't really happen. Nvidia, which makes the Shield TV streaming device, used this opportunity to take a few swipes at its competition while focusing on the Shield's ability to play a wider variety of games using the packed-in controller.

"Speaking of gaming, more than anything we were happy to see Apple embrace something that NVIDIA has been supporting all along: set-top gaming," the official page states. "Relatively speaking, the world of set-top Android gaming is in its infancy. As is the case with set-top iOS gaming now with tvOS. Where SHIELD stands apart from the new Apple TV is that it’s more than just a set-top Android gaming device. Thanks to GRID and GameStream, SHIELD owners are free to play any manner of AAA PC titles like GTA V, Metal Gear Solid, and Mad Max."

"While the new Apple TV is a definite improvement over its predecessor, the fact remains that would-be streamers and cord cutters also crave truly high-end experiences," Nvidia continues.

The included decision tree also includes a dig at Apple's gaming features.

shield shade

Nvidia also provides a chart so you can compare the two devices and, while the two pieces of hardware are likely going after two very different audiences, having a more open platform does mean you have more choices for content and gaming, overall. It's rare to see a company go after a competitor this large, this brazenly, but the Shield makes a pretty good case for itself if you're more interested in games than Apple's ecosystem.

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