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After 28-day struggle, Twitch beats Dark Souls' hardest boss duo

After 28 days, Twitch Plays Dark Souls has finally defeated the game's hardest bosses.

The Twitch community defeated the game's notoriously difficult Ornstein and Smough last night, after several attempts. In case you missed it live, you can watch the epic conclusion above.

The Twitch community's achievement is made greater when considering the hardships they've faced on the way. The playthrough initially followed the model set by Twitch Plays Pokemon, giving players the option to elect anarchy or democracy. These choices let players run the game either a chaotic stream of individually input actions or by group-decided commands.

After spending over 90 hours stuck in the Undead Asylum at the beginning of the game, the Twitch players realized they had to shake things up if they ever wanted to reach the end. Since the standard real-time chat directions weren't working, Twitch Plays Dark Souls switched to a turn-based method. Every performed action was followed by a pause in the game, during which the directions given by players in the chat were tallied. The most popular command would then be exacted when the game's break ended.

As Dark Souls does not natively feature a pause function, the creators behind the Twitch playthrough had to create one for themselves by hacking into and modifying the game.

Slaying the impossibly difficult pair via crowd-driven text chat joins the list of unusual methods of doing so that we recently reported about. These include voice control, Donkey Konga controller, and others as shared by Redditor Gwin on his personal Twitch channel.

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