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Another 10 minutes of Star Wars Battlefront gameplay video slips out

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Ten minutes of gameplay from what is apparently Star Wars Battlefront's closed alpha on PC leaked to YouTube yesterday, offering a very long and unedited look at a match on the highly anticipated game's Hoth map.

To give a little more context, this is the "Walker Assault on Hoth" game type, which involves as many as 40 human players (two sides of 20). The PC alpha got going in July and footage from the same mode leaked almost immediately (and was just as immediately taken down) so get a good look here while you can.

Star Wars Battlefront is due to launch Nov. 17 for PlayStation 4, Windows PC and Xbox One and will have an open multiplayer beta on all platforms next month. It will feature Walker Assault, as well as "Drop Zone," a kind of King-of-the-Hill mode set on Tatooine.