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Destiny's latest Taken King trailer stars ... you?

This is a clever way to get people hyped for tomorrow's launch of The Taken King expansion for Destiny. Go to The Legend of You site, put in your gamer ID, select your platform, and the system will create a fun little trailer with your name and, if you've done enough in the game, it will even list a few of your accomplishments.

Which could lead to some funny moments, if the people I've been playing online make their own trailers. "The Taken King knows your name, ButtSniffer69." Or it could put out some of your less-than-epic achievements.

"For god sake It starts listing my achievements with badass dramatic music then says I'm in the top 1% for killing SHANKS," a player stated on the Destiny subreddit. "Just when I thought I was on the brink of being awesome."

I mean, on the other hand. That's a lot of Shanks.

This virtual trailer is a pretty neat way of trying to make the game feel personal, and to give each player the feeling that they're in the middle of a huge conflict. The site seems to be a bit overloaded right now, but you're welcome to give it a shot to see how your adventures stack up. Put your name in to see the system in action.

The Taken King Rift mode gameplay