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Pokemon X/Y legendary Zygarde receives new forms, headlining anime spot

Pokémon X/Pokémon Y legendary Zygarde has been "discovered to have multiple Formes," the Pokémon Company announced today on its website.

These forms, as detailed in the news post, include the moveset-less Zygarde Cell; Zygarde Core, which functions as the Pokémon's brain; the dog-like "10% Forme;" and the larger "Complete Forme," which is meant to hold greater power than previous marquee legendaries Xerneas and Yveltal. The Zygarde players are currently familiar with is now considered to be in the immediately preceding "50% Forme."

The news of Zygarde's new transformations was first revealed in the most recent issue of Japanese magazine CoroCoro, known to gamers as the place to look for new Pokémon details.

pokemon zygarde corocoro

Serebii, the popular Pokémon fansite, shared scans of the issue that show off the five different forms that the Pokémon X/Y legendary is able to take, as well as a look at a new form for popular starter evolution Greninja. This change in appearance for Greninja is directly inspired by the look of its trainer, Ash Ketchum.

pokemon greninja

Zygarde and Greninja will debut these transformations in the upcoming season of the anime, which will be called Pokémon XY & Z. The inclusion of the "Z" in the title suggests the obvious: that a third version of the game series' sixth generation is forthcoming. Zygarde is expected to be Pokémon Z's headlining legendary, if and when the game arrives.

Nintendo has not officially confirmed that a new game in the mainline Pokémon series is in the works, but the Pokémon Company encourages fans to "keep checking" online for more information on the anime's stateside premiere date. Pokémon XY & Z begins Oct. 29 in Japan.