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Need for Speed on the PC delayed until Spring 2016

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The next game in the Need for Speed series has a new release date on the PC. The PC version was originally scheduled to launch the same day as its PlayStation 4 and Xbox One counterparts, on Nov. 3, but will now hit stores sometime next spring.

The developer behind the game, Ghost Games, wrote about the decision in a blog post published earlier today. Citing fan comments and concern from places like Twitter and Reddit, the developers explain that the increased development time will give them a chance to produce "an unlocked frame rate" and subsequently a stronger visual experience.

The PC version is expected to launch with any content updates received by the console versions up to that point, so that it will be an identically-featured experience, despite the late start.

The developer is also currently working on stabilizing their servers, in order to accommodate the "live" and "connected" nature of the game. A closed beta for the console versions of Need for Speed will serve to help test the infrastructure. You can sign up for that now, as we detailed last week.