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New controller colors, PS4 faceplates revealed at PlayStation's TGS keynote

Owen S. Good is a longtime veteran of video games writing, well known for his coverage of sports and racing games.

Four new controllers are among the new color options Sony showed off for the PlayStation 4 at its Tokyo Game Show keynote today.

The controllers (above) will come in gold, silver and "steel black" beginning Nov. 6, with a clear plastic crystal following on Dec. 3. The launch dates are for Japan; Sony did not give any information for western availability, though the gold and silver controllers have been announced for Europe.

Additionally, the hard drive bay cover for the console itself will get nine color variants on Nov. 6., including gold, silver, red, yellow, purple, and pink. Again, no western launch plans were given there. The faceplates will run ¥2,500, which is about $20.

Finally, a wireless round headset will launch in Japan on Dec. 3, costing ¥12,000, or roughly $100.

Sony previously announced a new color variation for the PlayStation Vita would be launching in North America in November. It will be the West's first color option for the Vita under its 2014 "Slim" redesign. The aqua blue Vita will be sold only at GameStop.

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