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PlayStation VR title Summer Lesson asks to call you 'sensei' in new trailer

Summer Lesson, Bandai Namco's schoolgirl-tutoring game for the newly renamed PlayStation VR, received a new trailer at Tokyo Game Show today.

Produced by the team behind Tekken, Summer Lesson puts you in the first-person perspective of "senpai." You're tasked with helping two different high school girls — one Japanese, one English-speaking — practice their Japanese. The game has you shaking your head "yes" or "no" to the girls' questions, then lets you watch them read from their Japanese textbooks.

Summer Lesson first debuted around this time last year, at Sony's pre-Tokyo Game Show conference. A trailer for the "communication"-focused game shown then emphasized the use of what was then known as the PlayStation Morpheus' headset technology as you interacted with the teen girl's bedroom environment.

The new look at the title is less interested in the tech, instead directing your attention toward girls. The game is again playable at this year's event, but feel free to check out the new trailer above if you share Bandai Namco's priorities but can't make it to the show floor.