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Destiny's new treasure chests can be reopened infinitely, if you're fast enough

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Destiny: The Taken King's new public area, the Dreadnaught, has a familiar quirk about it: You can re-open treasure chests found there repeatedly, if you can move quick enough. After opening a treasure chest, if you can load a new part of the area before the chest de-spawns, you can come back to the chest to find it instantly refilled.

If you're having a hard time finding Hadium Flakes — a new resource you'll need to make one of Destiny: The Taken King's new swords — or Runes with which to activate the Court of Oryx event, this is a stellar way to find them. If you get a lucky spawn, you'll also end up with a metric ton of Glimmer, some Motes of Light, some Strange Coins and even a Legendary Engram or two.

Check out the video guide above to see where you can go on the Dreadnaught to find the easiest treasure chests to farm using this method.

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