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Counter-Strike: GO fixes bullet-proof players, stops guns from poking through walls

It's been a long-time coming, but Valve this week rolled out a massive patch for first-person shooter Counter-Strike: Global Offensive which fixes a big issue with the game.

Prior to this week's patch, the game would occasionally not recognize when you shot someone, even point blank.

Among the myriad of changes and fixes that hit this week is this very important, long-asked-for updated: The patch "modernizes the player's skeleton and hitboxes to better express at-a-glance exactly what your enemies and teammates are doing."

That's fancy talk for "we fixed it so that when you shoot someone at point-blank range you can actually hit them all the time."  It looks like Valve did this by switching out old-school hitboxes with new capsule-shaped hit detection and tweaking how animation networking works. This means that the places the computer thinks you can shoot someone better matches up with what you're seeing as places you can shoot someone.


Counter-Strike: GO has seen a spike in popularity lately with last month's unique players topping 8 million worldwide.Valve also slipped in some weapon tweaks including reducing the rate of fire and armor penetration of the M4A1 and increasing the armor penetration and range of dual Berettas.

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